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Rick Mitchell has been machining and repairing Rotating Equipment for over 40 years.  From the simplest bearing and seal replacement to making obsolete rotors and shafts in older blowers.  He has always made quality and reliability the primary goal in any repair.  Xpert Blower Repair relies solely on his expertise to get you the very best repair as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Having been responsible for single handedly repairing quality issues in companies to the point of absolutely no blower failures related to machining or assembly processes in over five (5) years.  From $200K in warranties to $0.00.  This is the level of commitment and quality you can expect in every field service or in-shop repair you will get from Xpert Blower Repair. 


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The Right Tools in experienced hands to get the job DONE!

Xpert Blower Repair serves the waste water, mining, and forest products industries as well as anywhere an air conveying or vacuum system is in place.  Our primary coverage areas are Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Southern Tennessee.  But we are not limited to just these areas.  Please contact us if you are outside of the areas mentioned but need our service.